IBM Storage – A trusted foundation for a multicloud world

In a world driven by data, discover storage and management innovations for deploying multicloud storage that protects, secures and efficiently moves data among public, private and hybrid clouds. Accelerate business with storage solutions designed to help reduce costs and gain unlimited storage capacity with minimal capital investment.

Storage Solutions

  • IBM FlashSystem Family

    IBM FlashSystem with IBM Spectrum Virtualize delivers a single client experience making storage simple from entry level all the way to the Cloud.

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  • Storage for AI and Big Data

    AI and Big Data workloads involving machine learning and deep learning have unique storage infrastructure requirements. IBM Storage provides the solid foundation on which to build efficient, scalable data pipelines.

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  • Storage for Z

    IBM DS8880 and selected tape drive systems combine resiliency and intelligent flash performance to help deliver microsecond application response times and high availability. These systems can deliver an optimized connection with IBM z14 systems for superior performance, hybrid cloud storage and secure data transactions.

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  • Software for Modern Data Protection

    IBM Modern data protection solutions provide more than just backup and recovery. They also let you maximize business uptime, lower storage and operational costs, and support cyber resiliency.

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  • Tape Storage

    Improve data economics with global market-leading tape storage solutions including autoloaders, drives, libraries, virtual tape systems and IBM Spectrum Archive software, which makes tape storage as easy to use as disk storage.

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